Process Heating

  • Circulation heaters are used for a recirculating or one pass heat up of tanks and flows
  • Immersion heaters are inserted into the side or top of tanks for raising tank temperature and maintaining tank temperature against heat loss
  • Drywell heaters allow customers to remove the heater from the tank without having to drain it and protect the heating elements from the tank media
  • Duct heaters are mainly used for raising air flow temperatures in industrial ovens and dryers
  • Sanitary, electropolished immersion heaters can be provided for heating of cleaning fluid in clean in place and parts washing systems
  • Jacketed tanks, steam coils, and heat exchangers require the use of a steam or hot water boiler to provide heat to processes
  • Ceramic fiber heaters are used in a variety of applications such as melting salt and metals, ovens and furnaces, environmental and vacuum chambers, and heat treating
  • Silicone rubber heaters and heat trace are useful for wrapping around tanks for indirect heat or for heating of plastic tanks that do not have a metallic fitting to mate to