Sussman Electric Boilers

Electric Boilers

Sussman Boilers is a manufacturer of electric steam and hot water boilers located in Long Island City, NY.  Each boiler is built as a complete unit, factory tested and approved prior to shipment.  They are also UL listed and built to proper ASME boiler codes for carbon steel and stainless steel construction.  As a Sussman manufacturer’s rep, we provide technical assistance and handle new applications to determine the boiler that will suit your process.  In addition to each standard boiler, we offer accessories and optional equipment that can enhance your operation.

Below is a list of products that Sussman has to offer:

Electric Steam Boilers:

  • MBA series:  3KW – 20KW, 0 – 100 or 0 – 15 psig trim
  • ES series:  12KW – 180KW, 0 – 100 or 0 – 15 psig trim
  • SSB series:  all wetted parts 304 stainless steel and passivated.  12KW – 180 KW, 0 – 100 or 0 – 15 psig trim
  • SVS series:  12KW – 1000KW (higher KW available), 0 – 150 psig trim (up to 250 psig available)

Electric Hot Water Boilers:

  • SVW series:  12KW – 1000KW (higher KW available), 160° – 240° F operating temperature range.

Steam Heat Exchanger:

  • Plant steam is used to heat and supply product side clean steam.  Used where clean steam is needed but cannot contact any impurities.

Additional Equipment:

  • Feedwater motor and pump assemblies
  • Condensate return systems with vacuum breaker
  • Blowdown tanks
  • Blowdown cooler
  • Automatic blowdown systems
  • Solid state progressive sequencers
  • Control circuit and pump transformers

To learn more details about each product, visit the Manufacturer’s Catalogs page or