Ceramic Fiber Heaters and Furnaces

DS Fibertech is an ISO 9001:2008 company located in Santee, CA. They are a manufacturer of vacuum formed ceramic fiber heater shapes and furnaces capable of higher temperatures than traditional methods of electric heating. We are a manufacturer’s rep for DS Fibertech and work with them on new applications as well as providing technical assistance and customer support.

Ceramic Fiber Heater Shapes:

  • Proprietary vacuum formed, ceramic fiber insulation
  • Rated up to 1100° C (1200° C optional)
  • Available in round, half round, and square
  • Flush, embedded, or recessed element
  • 100% inorganic
  • Low thermal conductivity insulation and high thermal shock resistance
  • Available with thermocouple holes
  • Available with black body coating

Ceramic Fiber Furnaces:

  • Proprietary vacuum formed, ceramic fiber insulation
  • Rated up to 1350° C
  • Kanthal APM/A1 element wire
  • Can be configured for line voltage operation, single or three phase
  • Cylindrical, split tube, or rectangular configurations
  • Alumina coating rated for 1800° C to prevent dust contamination
  • Available with thermocouple holes

Higher Temperature Furnaces:

  • Available with Silicon Carbide elements for 1500° C operation in air
  • Available with Molybdenum Disilicide elements for 1750° C operation in air

To learn more about DS Fibertech, please visit the Resources page or www.dsfibertech.com